We made a top 10 list!

We're still working on ours... but Shred Kelly, one of our very favourite bands, included us in their 2013 Top 10 Highlights (scroll down through their Tis the Season post from Dec. 24). It was our highlight of the year, that's for sure, and it made us so happy to have them as our wedding band. Can't wait to see you in 2014, Shred Kelly!

Hello! This thing is still on.


That was our first post from back in July 2010, which included this promise: "The updated show calendar is our special project and will never fail." In light of a friend mentioning "Hey, there's something wrong with your calendar, there's nothing on it," news of some music blogs retiring and our less frequent posts, we wanted to let you know N2DS2W remains committed to our mission: being the most comprehensive site that promotes, fosters awareness of and helps Canadian indie musicians and bands coming through the Windsor/Detroit area

We've had a few life events in the past year and a half that have slowed us down. We're no less passionate, just busier. But not too busy to do our best keeping the calendar updated. December was just extraordinarily quiet, Canadian-indie-in-Windsor-and-Detroit show-wise. January's looking pretty sparse, too. But we're already excited about The Strumbellas coming to PJ's Lager House and A Tribe Called Red to The Shelter in February. And while we wait, we'll shortly be looking back at our top shows for 2013.

Thanks for sticking around.

Show Alert: Texas King to rule Windsor

Sat., Dec. 7
Villain's Beastro ~ Windsor

When you see a lot of shows, you see a lot of openers and bands and musicians you've never heard of before. Many are pretty forgettable. But some make us sit up and take notice by standing out. Like Zula, a band from New York we heard at P.J's Lager House last  month opening for The Highest Order. And London's Texas King, the best band we'd never heard of at Home County Music and Art Festival this summer. Of course we asked them to come play Windsor or Detroit... and now they are. So come out and see if you think they're as promising as we do.

Listen: "Paper Tiger" from their self-titled EP