There's Something In (On) The (Northern) Air

Windsor's favourite second sons, Elliott BROOD, announced today that "Northern Air," the first single from their forthcoming album will debut this coming Friday, April 29 on Grant Lawrence's weekly podcast.

According to the band's website, "Northern Air" will be available as a free download from May 1st until the long weekend. The song will also be available on a limited edition 7" vinyl in mid-May. The 7" record titled "Northern Companion" will be available from the site and at live performances this summer.  

Can you pick out the new songs?

As a side note, Grant Lawrence's debut book, Adventures in Solitude, a memoir of his time spent at his family cabin in a remote area of the West Coast, has won the BC Book Prize for the Bill Duthie Book of the Year, as chosen by the booksellers of British Columbia. Our most sincere congratulations are in order, Grant.

Thanks: Killbeat Music  Six Shooter Records

Show Alert: D-Sisive w/ My Son the Hurricane, Tues. Apr. 26 @ Phog Lounge

One of the things we love about CBC Radio 3 is the wide variety of genres they play. It introduces us to music we might not ordinarily listen to, including hip hop and rap. Totally turned off by most of the hip hop and rap on U.S. commercial radio, it was a pleasant surprise to discover artists like Buck 65, Shad, K'Naan and D-Sisive.

That's why we'll (finally) be attending our first hip hop show on Tues., Apr. 26 at Windsor's Phog Lounge. And not just any hip hop show. Not only is Juno- and Polaris-nominated rapper D-Sisive (Toronto) headlining (you can download his latest album, Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye  for free), he's touring with 14-piece (yes, you read that right) "brasshop" group My Son the Hurricane from Hamilton.

Opening: the Bad Mothers

D-Sisive - Wonderful World

D-Sisive | Myspace Video

Show Alert: Paper Beat Scissors w/ Papermaps @ Phog Lounge

Sat., Apr. 23

Paper Beat Scissors (Halifax): Tim Crabtree's CBC Radio 3 artist page advises listeners to expect music centered around "finger-picked guitar and haunted vocals. " Check out this awesome video for Crabtree's "Flicker."

Papermaps (Toronto): formerly Ex~Po, Papermaps is the creative project of Dean Marino, co-owner of Chemical Sound Recording Studio (Tokyo Police Club, the Black Keys, Born Ruffians). Dean dropped us a note in February to tell us he liked N2D; we like Papermaps' ambitious power pop. New name, new album just out Apr. 19.

Luna Borealis (Windsor)

Show Alert: the Paint Movement w/ Alex Carruthers & the Rhythm Brothers

Fri., Apr. 22 ~ Windsor's Phog Lounge

We last saw the Paint Movement and Alex Carruthers & the Rhythm Brothers when they opened for Yukon Blonde last month. Now they own the evening tonight, Fri., Apr. 22. Like our friend Jon Janes from the Mountains & The Trees, Carruthers recently came out from behind the drum kit to take the lead mic, backed by musicians from Windsor's indie scene, and the result is bluesy, energetic indie rock.

The Paint Movement
Toronto's six-piece the Paint Movement approaches alternative rock a bit more leisurely and with experimental, jazzy inflections. The Paint Movement shares a label (Nevado) with tour mates Yukon Blonde, plus Library Voices, the Meligrove Band and Bahamas; if the company they keep is any indication, the Paint Movement is just beginning to show their true colors. Watch for their full-length album this fall.

Show Alert: Grey Kingdom, Crissi Cochrane @ Phog Lounge tonight

You won't find this show on the Phog Lounge calendar, but it's no secret it will be an enjoyable way to spend $5 and a Thursday evening. 

Grey Kingdom (Welland): solo side project of Attack in Black's Spencer Burton. Listen

Crissi Cochrane (Halifax/Windsor): when we saw Crissi at the GOBBLE GOBBLE show on Tuesday, she'd just come from a gig singing for the Mayor of Leamington and other local politicos. A CJAM Jammy "Best Local Band/Musician" award winner, her voice is as lovely as the little birds she crafts.

Opening: Kevin Echelin (Windsor)

Show Review: Destroyer

They encored with "Bay of Pigs."

That's almost all you need to know about the almost-sold-out Destroyer show at the Crofoot's Pike Room on Wed., Mar. 30. We debated whether they would perform the love-it-or-hate-it 10 minute-plus introspective opus and thought, nah, no way. But predictable is not an adjective usually associated with Dan Bejar and Destroyer.

The famously enigmatic Bejar is probably best known as a member of the New Pornographers, one of the most prominent Canadian indie bands today. Destroyer, formed in 1995, actually predates the Pornos by two years. Bejar's prolific discography-- nine studio albums, including this year's Kaputt, three EPs and a cassette-- is as varied as the cast of musicians who have contributed and Destroyer's sound. Descriptions range from European blues to chamber pop to ambient disco to indie rock. CBC Radio 3 even staged a tongue-in-cheek contest that had listeners guessing which of two music clips were Kenny G and Destroyer.

After seeing Bejar appear (sporadically) with the New Pornographers during their show at the Crofoot Ballroom last year, we expected Destroyer would be equally memorable. From the moment Bejar took the stage, cast his eyes to an unseen muse overhead and poured his distinctive singspiel into the mic he held lightly in his fingertips as if it was an expensive cigar, our expectations were right. (And that includes standing behind a giant-sized gentleman with no sense of personal space who kept bumping Yort's arm with his behind as he danced).

What we didn't expect was predictability. Bejar and the band-- David Carswell (the Smugglers, the Evaporators, and with John Collins as JC/DC Studios, producer for many notable indie bands), JP Carter on trumpet (Fond of Tigers) and vocalist Larissa Loyva (Kellarissa), Pete Bourne (drums), Nicolas Bragg (guitar), Joseph Shabason (flute, sax) and the bassist whose identity escapes us -- were note-perfect on every track, which included most of Kaputt plus a few selections from Destroyer's Rubies, Trouble in Dreams and Your Blues. But we had the sense that the band never deviates from those notes. For a live show-- and a very good live show, don't get us wrong-- it was just a little too rote.

N2DS2W going to NXNE: Band Lineup Preview

For the uninformed/uninitiated, NXNE is North by North East, the music/film/interactive festival and conference, Jun. 13-19 in Toronto. And yours truly will be there covering the music side of things, with a special focus on Windsor bands, bands with Windsor ties, bands that have played the Windsor/Detroit area and bands we either just plain love or just plain want to see.

The biggest band reveal yet was released this week. Here are some of our early picks; keep in mind they're only a fraction of the 650-band total.

Stars  One of the few Canadian indie bands who get airplay on U.S. commercial radio ("Take Me To The Riot"). They deserve to be appreciated as much as Arcade Fire and the New Pornographers.

Shad  The "Old Prince" of Canadian hip hop; 2010 Polaris short list (for TSOL) and 2008 (The Old Prince).

Land of Talk  We saw Land of Talk at LOLA last fall. Liz Powell is one talented and nice lady who also happens to rock.

Chad VanGaalen  Another two-time Polaris short list nominee; truly one of Canadian indie's most unique and talented artists. Need proof? Listen to this. We can already guarantee you'll need to get there early for this show.

Braids  Can you say buzz band? Get there early.

Suuns  We couldn't make their show last weekend at the Magic Stick; hope to have the chance to hear their "warm yet dark, propulsive collusion of pop, post-punk and experimental rock" at NXNE.

PS I Love You  Meet Me At The Muster Station made a lot of top 10 lists last year.

The Pack A.D.  No words are necessary.

Dirty Beaches  This song intrigues us.

Forest City Lovers  Another treat.

The Luyas  The band includes current/former members of Torngat, Miracle Fortress, Bell Orchestre, Arcade Fire, and SS Cardiacs. Nuff said.

Parlovr  Love this band and can't wait to see them.

We Are Wolves  We are excited.

Show Alert: GOBBLE GOBBLE w/ Rich Aucoin @ Phog Lounge

Tues., Apr. 19: Phog Lounge

Opening band: (wh)y.m.e.(??) (Windsor)

RICH AUCOIN: Radio 3 bloggers who attended the CBC Radio 3 Showcase last year at SXSW's sister festival, NXNE, raved about Halifax-based Rich Aucoin. This could be why (courtesy of Aucoin's publicist, Killbeat Music): "On a mission to create a euphoric communal experience, Rich Aucoin writes music that transcends. With his first commercial release, Public Publication, Aucoin has created anthemic pop, breaking the barriers between audience and performers, inviting everyone to create this lush-yet simplistic, electro-pop music together." Listen.

We kept mistyping "Goggle Goggle" when working on this post. From what we hear, that's what we will be doing at the show tomorrow. When GOBBLE GOBBLE (Cecil Frena) played the Phog last September, Tom Lucier posted: "I have been stopped at least a dozen times by hardcore music fans in Windsor asking me if this is actually true or not, GOBBLE GOBBLE playing Phog... they go on to explain that this band is simply unlike anything else they’ve ever seen." Listen.

GOBBLE GOBBLE at this year's SXSW, courtesy of CBC Radio 3

Show Review: the Rural Alberta Advantage put their stamp on the Phog

With all apologies to opening band Waker Glass, due to time and hunger, we opted for Ethiopian cuisine before the Rural Alberta Advantage show at Windsor's Phog Lounge on Sun., Mar. 27. As we were savoring Meser Wat, Aziffa and lamb tips with basmati rice among other delicacies at the World Marathon restaurant, we noticed a woman dining by herself. It wasn't until we arrived at the Phog that we realized it was Amy Cole of the Rural Alberta Advantage, enjoying, by her own definition, some "alone" time. It was the last she would get that evening at a show that sold out weeks before.

The Rural Alberta Advantage's folk-on-steroids sound is driven by Paul Banwatt's energetic yet finessed drumming. Banwatt has that rare ability to take sticks and skins and elevate them from mere timekeepers to a full-fledged member of the chorus (Banwatt is also part of the equally popular duo Woodhands, with Dan Werb). Singer/songwriter/guitarist Nils Edenloff has a voice like a plaintive banjo, a heart full of love and longing for places and things of his native Alberta and the talent to bring them to life. Cole's backing vocals, keyboards and assorted other instrumental talents add civilized polish without dulling the edge.

The band's 2009 debut album, Hometowns, was solidly embraced by critics and listeners alike. In stores since Mar. 1, their follow-up, Departing, not only ducks the dubious sophomore curse, but indicates that the band has indeed arrived. Molson Canadian has already scored the single "Stamp" for a TV ad.

Gord Downie/Julie Doiron Show @ Magic Bag CANCELED

We got word today that the Gord Downie/Julie Doiron show at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, scheduled for Fri., Apr. 22, has been canceled. Full refunds are available from the point of purchase. If you purchased from TicketWeb with a credit card, as we did, the amount will be automatically credited to your account.

No reason for the cancellation was given. Downie, known best as a member of the Tragically Hip, has been touring to promote The Grand Bounce, the most recent release of his creative project, Gord Downie and the Country of Miracles. Doiron is a member of the Country of Miracles, and of course has her own impressive catalog of solo work and collaborations, including Daniel, Fred and Julie.

Yukon Blonde w/ The Paint Movement @Phog Lounge

Yukon Blonde sell out Phog Lounge again.  Not a huge surprise.

It's always a great show with this VAN via Kelowna, BC band whose dedication to rocking hard while delivering their trademark harmonies is becoming known across Canada and throughout the world.  The core threesome, Jeff Innes, Graham Jones and Brandon Scott have toured, toured, toured, taken time off to write new songs and are back on tour to warm up for the tour to promote the forthcoming album.  They never stop.

Yes, there's another new bass player.  Longtime bassist Andy Bishop is working on his band Red Cedar.  The most recent bass player, Jason Haberman, was a welcome tour partner and great addition and has his own band (see below).  Now we welcome John Jefferey, another stellar addition to the band, whose swaggering hair-in-the-face playing and outright talent make him a good fit.

Toronto's The Paint Movement opened the show and opened some eyes with a super-tight set and a lineup of musicians that will soon move from the Who's That? list to the Who's Who list.  Touring with friends Yukon Blonde for just over a month, The Paint Movement joined Yukon Blonde for a few songs and a rousing jam session.

A year in the making, The Paint Movement's upcoming full length album was finished in early 2011. Throughout this entire time the band decided not to play any shows and just focus entirely on writing the music.  The band returned to live music in January 2011; the first two songs were released on March 1st as a digital 45 and a tour-only white vinyl 7" which were available at the shows.  The full length album will be released in the fall of 2011.

The Paint Movement are:

Jason Haberman - Guitar, vocals
Kevin Kralik - Guitar, vocals
Diana Planche - Keys, vocals
Wes McClintock - Bass
Jason Loftman - Sax
Glenn Candy - Drums

Photos:  Russ Gordon

Phog Lounge takes Jammy #7

Jammy #7, it's there on the right.
Windsor's Phog Lounge took home a seventh Jammy award for "Best Live Venue," compliments of Windsor's CJAM 99.1 FM.  The Phog, no stranger to winning awards, was CBC Radio 3's Searchlight 2009 winner for "Best Live Venue In Canada" and recently featured here on N2D as they celebrated their seventh anniversary.

Congrats to @PhogTom , @PhogPhrank and the crew that make this work.  Well done, well deserved.