Holy Fuck: keeping up with the calendar

Since we'll wager you haven't taken the time to click on our blog profile and read our mission statement for N2DS2W, allow us to enlighten you:

To promote independent Canadian artists and music in the Windsor/ Detroit area and beyond; to serve as a social networking site for CBC Radio 3 bloggers in the Windsor/Detroit area and beyond; and to foster awareness of and goodwill towards independent Canadian artists and musicians between the cities of Detroit and Windsor.

One way we hope to accomplish this is through our calendar. We're trying hard to make it a go-to place for Canadian indie shows coming to the Windsor/Detroit area. So if you know of a venue and/or show we're not covering/have listed, please bring it to our attention! For example, we missed a Sarah Harmer/Daniel Romano show at Ferndale's Magic Bag last week. But we'll do our best to keep it up, and updated.

One show we definitely won't be missing, just added to the Magic Stick's roster: Holy Fuck on Sun., Sept. 26. Yeah, we know. A Sunday. There's something delightfully ironic about that.

Read Russ's spotlight on Holy Fuck, featuring his interview with Brian Borcherdt, at www.nxew.ca.

Photos: Russ Gordon