CBC Radio3 bloggers invade Phog!

How much do Radio 3 bloggers love Canadian Indie bands? How about 450-plus miles (725 kilometers) worth? That's how far bloggers dawn.h, ATrain and moniski drove round-trip to see The Mountains & The Trees and the Wilderness of Manitoba on Aug. 11 at Windsor's Phog Lounge. They saw a lot more of The Mountains & The Trees, as they were chauffeured by none other than Jon Janes, the man behind TM&TT.

Janes might cringe at the singer-songwriter label (see Russ's spotlight on Janes at NxEW.ca), but troubadours have been around since the Middle Ages-- and longer. There are a few things that make this deceptively simple model successful, but one in particular: the ability to connect intimately with the audience, via melody, words and charisma. Whether it's a room of 200+ (like the NxEW showcase at NXNE in June) or 40 at the Phog, listeners can relate to Janes and the music on his EP (A Hop, Skip & a Jump) and just released, aptly-named, full-length album, I Made This For You.

If Janes is grounded in life's poignant everyday moments, the Wilderness of Manitoba soars in an atmosphere of ethereal sound, mythology and Tibetan singing bowls. As a multiphonic instrument, the singing bowl is both complement to and beautiful metaphor for the Wilderness of Manitoba's incredible vocal harmonies, courtesy of Stefan Banjevic, Scott Bouwmeester, Melissa Dalton, Sean Lancaric and Will Whitwham and their various instrumental talents. We were especially impressed with Lancaric's unique approach to drums/percussion. Their talents aren't limited to music; Dalton created the art and cover design of their full-length album released in June, When You Left the Fire.

Meet the R3 bloggers: left to right, back row, CDNz1 (Russ Gordon), themountainsandthetrees (Jon Janes) and Wapuche (Patrick Parker). Front row, left to right, ATrain (Alysson Tighe), moniski (Monica Skorupski), dawn.h (Dawn Hill) and jojodillon (Yort is behind the camera).

More photos to follow as the wayward backpack/camera bag returns home. Thanks again!