Show Review: Holy Fuck

We've seen a lot of Canadian indie bands and artists this year, and happily, no one has let us down yet. Capping off an incredible month of shows for us here at N2D, Holy Fuck were no exception, turning the Magic Stick into a house of worship on a September Sunday night as they continue touring in support of their latest full-length album, Latin (read Russ's interview with Brian Borcherdt from earlier this year).

Electronica can be just that, electronic. And by that we're referring not to what is used to produce the music, but the emotional and psychological appeal of the end result. While using their signature 35mm film synchronizer, "garage sale" keyboards, guitar effect pedals and other electronic gadgets, Holy Fuck deliver wonderful melodies and tension-and-release climaxes that unites the best of electronic dance music and lyrical composition. The result is heavenly, as was "Lovely Allen."

Photos - Russ Gordon