London Calling

On the CBC Radio 3 blog this week, we found out that only two paying attendees showed up for Al Tuck's recent performance at the London Music Club, and only because they happened to see Russ's Facebook post about the show. "Man, I totally would have gone," wrote one blogger. "How did I not know about it??" bemoaned another.

We might not be able to change the way shows are promoted (if they're promoted at all), but it didn't take us long to decide to expand our horizons again. In March we added Sarnia; now say hello to London on our calendar-- plus a couple of upcoming shows in Kalamazoo (The Besnard Lakes and Malajube) and East Lansing (Hollerado) that we'll be attending. If N2DS2W gets just one or two extra bodies to a show, it's worth it. Besides, it's our blog and we'll try if we want to. It's all about the music.