McLeod directs new Ashley MacIsaac video

Windsor writer-director Sean McLeod, who recently shot videos for Pat Robitaille and the now-defunct Yellow Wood, has completed a new video for one of the most celebrated Canadian roots musicians, Ashley MacIsaac.

As an extensive world traveler, Ashley's experiences have led him to create his first full-band recording since 2002, Crossover, on his new label So Plaid. Over the course of three years and with six different studios, the combined efforts of Ashley and his musical friends have led to an album with everything from Celtic crossovers to soulful ballads, both instrumental and lyrical. During the recording period, Ashley decided he wanted to follow up in the vein of his first major hit record, “Hi How Are You Today?

Ashley has ventured into many different genres in the seven albums recorded since then, but Crossover is similar to his first big hit, containing different styles on one album and spanning the range of sounds and influences and musical textures that Celtic music has to offer. It's a testament to his roots and talent and is Ashley at his best, playing uplifting, foot stomping, traditionally rooted tunes, melancholy and soulful tracks and powerful rock jams. (From a press release issued by MacIsaac's management, Talk's Cheap and MacIsaac's bio on his website,

Writer/director Sean McLeod shared some thoughts in an interview with N2D, posted below the video.

N2D: How did you and Ashley wind up working together?

Sean: It was actually Pat Robitaille who hooked up the collaboration between Ashley and I. Ashley wanted a certain look to match the tune and liked my videos for Yellow Wood and Pat, so we had breakfast one morning and worked it out.

N2DWhere did you shoot it?

Sean: We shot the video at a junkyard in Windsor and rented some warehouse space for the water scenes.   We built the set in there.

N2D: Any quirky or great moments?

Sean: The only two issues we really had during the production was we had put a Pelican camera case too close to a generator's exhaust while we were filming and kind of melted a hole in it, luckily the camera and everything that usually goes in that case was with us. The other issue was with a giant 20' by 20' white silk we had erected as a giant bounce board. It basically acts as a sail once you get it up there so you gotta really make sure its anchored and tied off well. Moving that around locations is always an adventure. But other than that everything went smoothly, the crew were great, special shout outs to Steph Copeland, Bronwen Wood and Ryan Pukay who all are amazing help on set!