Hunting for a Hands & Teeth CD?

That's right, boys and girls. TWO of you can be the proud owners of Hands & Teeth's debut full-length album, Hunting Season, which will be officially released on Jan. 17. If you can attend their upcoming show on Fri., Jan. 13 at Windsor's Phog Lounge, the first two people to email us will receive a Hands & Teeth - Hunting Season CD.
US and Canada only, please.

 Listen here:

From the band's CBC Radio 3 artist page:

"Hands & Teeth, a Toronto-based five-piece, demonstrate what can be created when friends unite through a love of good food and complex harmonies. Hands & Teeth's sound is an artful fusion of pop, classical composition, angular guitar rock and inventive rhythms. It tastefully sweeps from whisper-quiet ballads to roaring anthems, reflecting each member’s eclectic past. Since the band is composed of musicians who were leaders of their own individual projects, each member takes an active role in all elements of production, from song writing to lead vocals." Listen