Show Alert: A Windsor Two-For

Weds., Jun. 27

Belle Plaine
Photo- Courtesy of Belle Plaine
Phog Lounge
w/ Erin Gignac

Loon Choir
Photo- Russ Gordon/N2D Images
FM Lounge

What happens when two bands you have to see are playing the same night?

You go to both, of course.

It might take a bit of hustle, but there's no way we'd miss either one of these bands. For one, fellow CBC Radio 3 friends play in them-- kidcauley on violin in Ottawa's Loon Choir, bassish (who even wrote her thesis on the Radio 3 community) on bass in Saskatchewan's Belle Plaine. For another, we just saw Loon Choir at NXNE; they were easily one of our top shows. And this is what Carolyn Mark had to say about Belle Plaine's vintage, 1940s-inspired sound: "Belle Plaine is a national treasure - a true Canadian. She can sing like a hot-damn."


Loon Choir, from their new full-length album, All Boats Don't Rise: "Bison"

Belle Plaine: "Waikiki"