Show review: Duchess Says drop it and go

There are some shows that make you drop everything and go. Monday night at 9:30 we had the grill on, pork chops ready, and a big bowl of cole slaw with sesame vinaigrette when we found out Montreal's Duchess Says had booked a last minute show at PJ's Lager House (or "Larger" House, as their Facebook post read).

So we did what any sensible people with a job to go to in the morning would do. We grilled, grabbed a bite and headed down to Corktown for some Francophone electronic punk rock. We're sure Bob the Budgie approved-- Duchess Says worships at the altar of the Church of Budgerigars.

It was well worth the lack of sleep. We didn't think anyone could top Damien Abraham of Fucked Up in the theatrical audience interaction department, but lead singer Annie-Claude did. She spent more time off the stage than on, getting up close and personal with the crowd, the floor, and entwining everyone with the microphone cord and her fierce vocals. Backed by the equally fierce Simon Says on drums and Philippe on bass and guitar, Ismael on the keyboard puts the "electronic" in their punk, and gives the band their distinct sound.

Listen: "Narcisse" from their 2011 release, In a Fung Day T!

Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images