Drink the Kool-Aid

 Is this the end of D-Sisive?

CBC Music's Vish Khanna and D-Sisive himself answer that question better than we could. As fans, we hope D-Sisive finds his muse hard to resist. As (we hope it's not too presumptuous to say) friends, we wish Derek all the best, because he deserves it.

For now, D-Sisive and producer Muneshine have given us Jonestown 3: The Dream Is Over. And because free has been his friend, you can listen and download for free. And if you like it, return the favour by purchasing one of his other albums.

Track listing:

1. The Dream Is Over 02:26
2. All My Friends Are Dead 01:45
3. Tell Me Different [ft. Adam Bomb] 03:18
4. Banana Bread [ft. Knamelis] 03:32
5. WhenWeDieWeDieTogether 04:29
6. Pajama Pants 03:30
7. Friend Of Mine 03:23
8. Cincinnati Sunday 02:43
9. The Penny Tree [ft. The Antiheroes] 03:55
10. Not One Candle [ft. Muneshine] 02:54
11. Station 135 02:53
12. November 02:43
13. [un]Answered Prayers 03:01