Show Review: King Khan and BBQ

Al Tuck's performance at Windsor's Phog Lounge last year was one of our favourites. So we were excited when we found out he was returning to Phog on Dec. 5. And had every intention of attending.

Until we learned that King Khan and BBQ were playing a Sailor Jerry-sponsored show the same night at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. We knew it was like choosing between a poetry reading given by an eccentric genius and going to a strip club. But we'd never seen King Khan (aka Blacksnake) and BBQ (aka Mark Sultan), who were closing out their reunion tour at the Pig. Journalistic duty won.

The wildest days of this alt-rock/punk/garage duo might be behind them, but we weren't disappointed. So what if they are a bit like two veteran pole dancers in predictably campy neo-Egyptian costumes and black eyeliner? We couldn't take our eyes off them: Sultan's hyperbolic facial expressions, Khan's bare nipple jiggling beneath the gold collar as he played the entire set on a Sailor Jerry-branded guitar with a broken string.

 We couldn't take our ears off radio-friendly (and safe) hits like "Invisible Girl" and "I'll Be Loving You" either. The packed floor of college students launched into the raunchier lyrics, sold hooker, line and fishing pole by Khan and Sultan's honest energy and middle finger attitude.

Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images