NXNE quadredux

Is that even a word? We don't know. We made it up to celebrate our fourth year attending NXNE.

 We debated going to other music festivals this year for a change. Mariposa. Wolfe Island. Sappyfest (sigh, some day). But when time and money restrictions, plus small enthusiasm for camping at a festival were accounted for, we came back to the tried-and-true: NXNE and Home County Music and Art Festival.

We love NXNE. Every year has been better than the last. More friends, more great food, and of course more great music. It suits us perfectly, because we love seeing bands in small venues (no Yonge-Dundas Square for us). On our hit list so far:
  • Coeur de Pirate (although we're guessing she'll be playing Yonge-Dundas)
  • Hot Panda
  • Inlet Sound
  • Pat LePoidevin
  • Shooting Guns
  • Shred Kelly (YES!)
  • Sidney York
  • T. Nile
  • the unquiet dead
Stay tuned!