Making a list and checking it twice... the 2013 Polaris Long List

It's quiet around here. Too quiet.

The Polaris Music Prize is usually a sure-fire conversation starter among lovers of Canadian indie (and not-so-indie) and in CBC Radio 3 land. But this year's long list announcement seems to have come and gone with little debate. Could it be-- gasp-- that people actually agree with the list?

For the most part, we stay out of campaigning for bands to win. You can't just say, "I love that band, their album is my favourite, so they should win." That's not what Polaris is about. And unless you listen to every album, how can you make an informed decision?

But looking it over, it really is a great list this year. There's lots of Radio 3 talent, just plain talent, and a satisfying amount of diversity: Colin Stetson, METZ, A Tribe Called Red and best of all, artists we've never heard of waiting to be discovered.

So here's the long list. Let us know: do you agree?

By the way, our friends over at NxEW have already announced the Shadow Polaris. Stop by and vote. The results are always interesting and unlike the name, rarely shadow the actual winners.