NXNE 2013: Three days in five minutes

Couldn't make it to NXNE this year? Wondering what all us CBC Radio 3 bloggers do while we're there? Here ya go.

Featured bands/musicians (in the order in which they appear): Wordburglar, More or Les, D-Sisive, Loon Choir, We Are Wolves, Dusted (Brian Borcherdt and Leon Taheny), The Darcys, Wildlife, The Crackling, Pat LePoidevin, Pick a Piper, The Danks, Crissi Cochrane, Inlet Sound, Adrian Glynn, Shred Kelly, catl, Gregory Pepper and His Problems, Henri Faberge and the Adorables, Michael Rault, PKEW PKEW PKEW (gunshots), Hot Panda

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