Screen Alert: Border City Music Project Premiere

Thurs., Mar. 13 (film begins at 7)
Capitol Theatre ~ Windsor
$15 advance, $20 at the door

Is it about the homogenization of commercial radio by corporate conglomerates? How we're blinkered by smartphones, oblivious to the real world around us? The assault on our senses from 24/7 noise? A tale of the relationship and musical influence of two cities?

Join the debate when Jon Gillies' documentary, Border City Music Project debuts at the Capitol Theatre. "The goal of the film was to start a conversation," said Gillies at a press screening of the film last week held at the Walkerville Brewery. "It's originality is its vulnerability."

Co-produced by Dusty D'Annunzio and permeated with a "get off my lawn" attitude, the film is nonetheless well-edited and shot. It has captivating historical clips and great interviews with everyone from local Windsor musicians to Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad) and rock guitarist Dick Wagner (both associate producers of the film), Richie Hawtin (techno DJ Plastikman), comedian and WTF podcaster Marc Maron and  linguist Noam Chomsky.

In addition to the screening, filmmakers and contributors will be on hand for a Q & A session, followed by a live jam with Dick Wagner, Mark Farner, Dusty D’Annunzio, Josh Zalev, Jon Gillies, Phil Whitfield and more.

Jon Gillies

Dusty D’Annunzio
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Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images