NXNE 2014: A Streetcar Named Wintersleep

NXNE is Toronto's music, film, comedy, art and interactive festival.
Our last night at NXNE 2014 can be summed up like this: Wintersleep. On a TTC streetcar.

Yes, it meant we missed METZ again. (But you can read about their show, plus some pining for the good old days, in this report by our good friend Jo Innes for the National Post.)

 But we're pretty sure nothing could compare to lurching along Queen West to the astonishingly-- for being in a streetcar-- excellent sound of Wintersleep. Never again will we hear "In Came the Flood," "Oblivion," "Resuscitate," "Archeologists" or "Weighty Ghost" without being transported back to that streetcar. Thanks to MiO for sponsoring "NXNE's Most Original Venue" and Wintersleep for playing along, giving us memories for a lifetime.

(Numerous artists played the MiO Squirtcar over three days. Here's what it was like on the night Reggie Watts performed.)

Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images