Show Alert: The Rural Alberta Advantage and July Talk

Thu., Oct. 9
The Magic Stick ~ Detroit

Don't let the name fool you. The Rural Alberta Advantage don't live in Alberta, and they're not a country band. Fueled by Paul Banwatt's precise and inspired drumming, the Toronto trio blends Nils Edenloff's plaintive voice-- who is an Edmonton native-- and Amy Cole's soprano with guitar and keyboards into alt pop/rock/folk that sounds like no other band. If you didn't hop the border to hear them at their sold-out show at Windsor's Phog Lounge in 2011, or Phog Phest 4 in 2012, now's your chance as they bring old favourites and new from their fourth album, Mended With Gold. Listen: "Terrified" from Mended With Gold.

Paul Banwatt

Nils Edenloff

Amy Cole

We saw July Talk with Sam Roberts Band in April at The Fillmore Detroit, and the audience gave them a lot of love. It's hard not to when the dialogue on stage is Peter Dreimanis' whiskey-and-cigarettes growl to Leah Fay's sweet and sassy melodies set to energetic and playful alt rock. Listen: "Summer Dress" from their self-titled debut album.

 Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images