Show Alert: Hilotrons, an M for Montreal highlight, play Windsor

Fri., Nov. 28
Phog Lounge ~ Windsor

We saw a lot of great shows at M for Montreal; Ottawa's Hilotrons at Casa del Popolo was one of our favourites. That's why we'll be seeing them again a week later at Phog. We loved the music, their musicianship, and how the very Zen guitarist Alex Moxon contrasted with Hilotrons founder Michael Dubue's mad genius.

We weren't the only ones. Anyone out there remember The Gold Dollar on Cass in Detroit? (Hint: it existed 1996-2001). We met former proprietor Neil Yee at the show, who now lives in Montreal, and he shared our thumbs up for Hilotrons.

Here's their latest, a single released in October (with guest vocals by Tara Holloway). Watch for a new album in 2015). You can hear more Hilotrons on their CBC Radio 3 profile page.

Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images