The Almighty Rhombus: The Shape of Things to Come

For obvious reasons, the beginning of the year is typically the slowest when it comes to Canadian indie bands touring through Windsor and Detroit. We kicked off 2015 with a great Elliott BROOD show in mid-January at The Ark. Our next must-see was a month away. What to do in the meantime?

We checked our show calendar. The Almighty Rhombus? From Sudbury? What's a band from Sudbury sound like?

"Sudbury has all kinds of different bands," says Clayton Drake, keyboardist and backup vocalist. "But one thing that unites us all is that, over time, our bands all end up getting way heavier than when we start. There's a brashness to Sudbury bands. We all write big songs that you can't really ignore. It's music that you're supposed to pay attention to."

We're glad that four years after forming the band, The Almighty Rhombus haven't hit that heavy phase yet. As we knew from hearing them on CBC Radio 3, the band's solid indie pop is upbeat, well-crafted and has a refreshing clarity to it. Plus, they're a whole lot of fun. Check out The Almighty Rhombus Facebook page for proof, or better yet, see them live when they return to Phog on Fri., Jun. 19. Until then, you can get to know them better through this email interview with Drake.

N2DS2W: Pretty sure we heard some new songs when we saw The Almighty Rhombus at Phog Lounge. What's the status on a new album?

Those tunes you heard are tasty meals that we've been preparing in the Rhombus test kitchen. We need to keep working on these delicious recipes until they are ready to scale up to the industrial level and pump them out through our vertically integrated chain of restaurants. Once they are perfected, we will have a mouthwatering buffet of new material ready for mass consumption. It'll likely be another year or so.

N2DS2W: What do you like best about being in a band and making music?

The feeling of elation of performing on stage and connecting with an audience is like a narcotic. There's also a deep satisfaction that comes with putting music together in just the right way with a group. We share a lot of laughs in this band as well. Plus, we all want to be filthy rich and we figure starting a rock band is the best way to do that.

N2DS2W: What are the origins of the band's name?

The word Rhombus is derived from the ancient Celtic deity Grombs, who, while extremely hideous, was purported to visit children in their sleep and whisper sweet things in their ear, giving them nice dreams. As science progressed, Rhombus came to represent a shape, and mathematicians still regard it today as "The Kindest Shape". We are like the king of the kindest, sweetest, shape.

N2DS2W: What's on the band's wish list (beside world domination and making a million dollars)?

Mainly, we hope our van the Wet Jet never breaks down and leaves us stranded again.

N2DS2W: Today's music industry: what would you most like to see change?

It'd be nice if Pay What You Can and Pay to Play went extinct. Also, it'd be great if Sonicbids just went away and never came back.

N2DS2W: What else would you like listeners to know about The Almighty Rhombus?

If you let us sleep on your couch, we promise to do all your dishes.

The Almighty Rhombus are: Michael Kenny (lead vocals, guitar); Clayton Drake (keyboards, backup vocals): Keegan McDonald (guitar); Laura Willett (bass, backup vocals); and Carter Drake (drums, backup vocals). Check out their video, released earlier this year, for "Down South."

Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images