Meet us in the Basement

Looking for a place online to get the latest Canadian indie music news and talk Canadian indie music with Canadian indie music fans?

Head downstairs to Thanks to some passionate and talented folks from the former CBC Radio 3 blog, you can read great articles that aren't insert-a-number-here clickbait lists. You can also drop in on the blog and chat about your favourite Canadian indie bands, the show you saw last night and other topics. You'll find the blog on the most recent post.

Why Our Basement? Before CBC Music launched the latest blogless site (that left N2DS2W with hundreds of broken links), and before the one it replaced, there was the site bloggers fondly call the basement (thanks Wayback Machine!). The basement years were some of the best for CBC Radio 3 bloggers, and R3 itself.

So stop by and take a look around. Keep an eye out for the wild raccoon and leave a cookie for him.