Last Day Of #Movember, Still Time For N2D's Russ Gordon

Is it really worth taking a month to raise awareness and money for the issue of men's health, specifically prostate cancer?

Yes. Yes it is. That's why our own writer/stuntman/photographer Russ Gordon has rejoined the prestigious CBC Radio 3 #Movember team.

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Get checked. It's YOUR ass, don't just sit on it.

Last Day To Vote! CBC Radio 3 ~ 2012 Bucky Awards

Time is almost up to vote for the CBC Radio 3 Bucky Awards. Kick it up! All the best in Canadian indie music. All voted on by you, the listener. PLUS, Top Fan Of The Year and Lifetime Achievement.
Cast your vote! Short list voting will be open from Nov. 21 through Nov. 28. The 2012 Bucky Awards will be presented on Friday Dec. 7 on Grant Lawrence Live!.


Drink the Kool-Aid

 Is this the end of D-Sisive?

CBC Music's Vish Khanna and D-Sisive himself answer that question better than we could. As fans, we hope D-Sisive finds his muse hard to resist. As (we hope it's not too presumptuous to say) friends, we wish Derek all the best, because he deserves it.

For now, D-Sisive and producer Muneshine have given us Jonestown 3: The Dream Is Over. And because free has been his friend, you can listen and download for free. And if you like it, return the favour by purchasing one of his other albums.

Track listing:

1. The Dream Is Over 02:26
2. All My Friends Are Dead 01:45
3. Tell Me Different [ft. Adam Bomb] 03:18
4. Banana Bread [ft. Knamelis] 03:32
5. WhenWeDieWeDieTogether 04:29
6. Pajama Pants 03:30
7. Friend Of Mine 03:23
8. Cincinnati Sunday 02:43
9. The Penny Tree [ft. The Antiheroes] 03:55
10. Not One Candle [ft. Muneshine] 02:54
11. Station 135 02:53
12. November 02:43
13. [un]Answered Prayers 03:01

Show Alert: Hard Times for Olenka & the Autumn Lovers

Sat., Nov. 17
Phog Lounge, Windsor
w/ The Allens (London) and Father Head (Windsor)

Olenka's "Odessa" knows hard times. We certainly hope Hard Times is only the title of London's Olenka & the Autumn Lovers new seven-song EP. After a preview at Home County Music & Art Festival this summer, we're looking forward to a second listen of the band's pitch-perfect layered harmonies and well-written folk music with Eastern European influences.

Somehow we missed The Allens at Home County. Maybe you know them as The Woody Allens. After checking out a video of their live performance at Home County, we get how they could sell out Aeolian Hall last month.

North Lakes Meet The Great Lakes

North Lakes (PEI) Dog Is Blue (TOR) with Windsor's own Eric Welton and Eryk Musyk 

Saturday, Nov. 10 @ Phog Lounge

Sending reverberations from beyond the Confederation Bridge, North Lakes are a rock n’ roll band that radiate with swagger and bravado. Taking their cue from ‘60s pop and garage rock, the energetic five-piece combines vivid lyrical imagery and a colossal roar of musicality to craft punchy, concise rock records. Source.

Dog Is Blue are Paul Watson, principal songwriter and cookie-tin pedal enthusiast, and Laura Heaney, purveyor of ghost-noises and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire; together they bramble around proudly with all the jangly toys of a tickle-trunk and the surefooted bravado of travelling snake-oil salesmen. Lighthearted in their dedication to the ephemeral, these two get their ya-yas out peddling a unique brand of self-described ghost-folk. Source.

Eric Welton and Eryk Musyk are two of Windsor's most respected musicians. Together tonight for an acoustic set that should not be missed.

CATL. To Trample Windsor


Friday, November 9th
Phog Lounge  8pm
wsg Danny Kroha - ex- The Gories and The Demolition Doll Rods

Dirty. Sweaty. Fun. Toronto-based catl. are a ‘trio steeped in blues tradition yet refreshingly idiosyncratic’ (Vish Khanna | Exclaim! | May 2012).

Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images

Show Review: D2D2A2

We expected a line out the door for Vancouver's Delhi 2 Dublin on Tues., Sep. 18. Instead, the door to the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor was locked.

When they say doors at 9, they mean it. Once they welcomed us in, we spent the next 20 minutes wondering if anyone else was going to show up. Like most of the Canadian indie musicians that tour the States, Tarun Nayar, or simply T, was philosophical. The $12 cover was probably too much (the price of two drinks at any non-dive bar in Ann Arbor). It was the band's first time performing in southeast Michigan (someone with a clue booked them for Blissfest in 2011).

We'll never understand the musical cultural divide between two countries that share thousands of miles of border and speak the same language. If anyone is the epitome of a cultural bridge, it's Delhi 2 Dublin, with their perfect fusion of Bhangra and Celtic and hip hop. They even made us Google "tabla" and "dhol"; we love that.

In the end, about 20 people were treated to easily one of our top shows of the year. Everyone danced, and there are few bands that we can say that about. It's impossible not to dance, propelled by Ravi Binning on the dhol, the kilted Andrew Kim on electric sitar and guitar, Sara Fitzpatrick on fiddle, the charismatic Sanjay Serin at the mic and T adding electronics, background vocals and the tabla.

Starting (Nov. 6) at Winnipeg's West End Cultural Centre, Delhi 2 Dublin are touring Western Canada, ending with a show at The Commodore in Vancouver on Nov. 30.

Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images