Show review: Running with The Pack (a.d.)

Last Thursday night at the Phog Lounge found us in the company of Vancouver garage rockers The Pack a.d..  Having had the opportunity to listen to the track-by-track preview of their latest album we kill computers on CBC Radio 3's Grant Lawrence Live, we knew we were in for a loud, make-my-ears-bleed -until-I-beg-for-more type of evening.

Maya  made it perfectly clear from the beginning that we would hear most of we kill computers and much, much more.  We were not disappointed.  Becky howled, wailed on her guitars, yowled and cooed flawlessly, every note perfect.  Maya beat, banged and pounded out every song with the mastery of a blacksmith creating the King's finest.

Fifteen songs later, it was over.  We wanted more, but there will be another time.  After a short break, the gals were at their merch table, signing CDs and shirts and chattering with the long line of adoring fans.  Selfless, appreciative and honestly humble is what makes The Pack a.d. such an experience.  They are a true ambassador for Canadian Indie music.

Bands give us great performances.  What do we give them?  We buy the CDs and tees and buttons, but what do we really give them?  Thank-yous are a nice touch.  Dinner is great if you can coordinate it.  Carry an equipment case?  The offer is appreciated and sometimes rewarded, right, Lee Hower?  Did the band ask for stickers for their van?  It's the thought and effort that count.  Here's proof.  Thanks Becky and Maya, you rock!   Come back soon, please.

Photos: Russ Gordon