Show Alert: Raised by Swans @ Phog Lounge Feb. 19

It promises to be an introspective evening at Windsor's Phog Lounge this Sat., Feb. 19. All three bands on the bill-- Raised by Swans (London), Pink Moth (Toronto) and Two for the Cascade (Windsor)-- are notable for pensive, wistful compositions that are best savored like dessert: slowly, one dreamy note at a time.

Raised by Swans, led by the quaintly bare-footed Eric Howden-- once a member of the Gandharvas-- has the most mature, fully-realized sound. CHRW 94.9 FM recently named no ghostless place its local album of the year for 2010. Many band names seem to have nothing to do with the kind of music they play; in this case, it suits them perfectly. Entranced by the beautiful melodies and Alex Wright's distinctive guitar work plucked high on the frets, Raised by Swans made our Top Ten list for last year and both of their albums get regular play.

We are also looking forward to (finally) hearing Two for the Cascade again, another favourite from 2010. Theremins rule. If their play list is any indication, we'll be hearing another unique instrument from Pink Moth-- the saw. Their songs range from straight-up indie folk to futuristic and experimental. We're okay with that.

Photos: Russ Gordon