You Can Go Home Again

We've never been more reminded of the power of music than at the Elliott BROOD show at Windsor's Capitol Theatre on Sat., Jan. 29. It was the most emotional show we've ever attended in many ways. Preceded by Surdaster and James O-L and the Villains, this was a homecoming for the BROOD. Band members Mark Sasso and Casey LaForet are Windsor natives, and so the evening seemed more like a family/friend reunion. "Casey is so nervous," confided his mom Barb Murphy, aka as Babs46 on the Radio 3 blog (so glad we finally got to meet you, Babs).

Although natural, he didn't need to be. If their New Year's Eve show at Lee's Palace in Toronto was a boisterous, boozy (on the part of the audience) sing-along, this was a heartfelt love letter, from "Without Again" to "Miss You Now." In between Sasso, LaForet and drummer Stephen Pitkin delivered all their old showstoppers-- the pots-and-pans party to "Valley Town" and "Write It All Down For You" is a tradition now-- a great cover of Bob Dylan's "When I Paint My Masterpiece" (a perfect addition to their setlist) and a few songs off of their forthcoming album. Based on what we've heard, they're sticking with what they do best; the most promising are the ones that get you out of your seat.

By far the most poignant moment of the show came when they performed a song LaForet wrote for a friend who passed away ten years ago. Watching the mother of that friend listen to this gift was a testament to the capacity of music to touch us in ways other art does not.

Which should be a reason to save Windsor's Capitol Theatre. Poised to be delivered into the hands of the city just two days after show, we were impressed with the condition of this beautiful old landmark-- on the surface. But it needs $1 million in infrastructure repairs, and no investor has stepped forward. While the evening wasn't exactly the Last Picture Show-- plays and other events will continue for now-- there were plenty of reminders that the theater's future is uncertain.

Elliott BROOD's, however, is not.

Photos: Russ Gordon