A Vote for Us...

Is a vote for clean air, fresh water, lower emissions and higher mpg.

Well, that would be nice, but not really. Your votes did help us survive the first cut for the CBC Radio 3 Searchlight for the Best Canadian Music Website. And that's a vote for all the Canadian indie bands we know and love and support through what we do. For both, we thank you.

One of the other great things about Searchlight is that it does just that: shines a light on something that might not otherwise get noticed. Like a lot of other blogs and websites promoting Canadian indie music. The second round of voting (which will cut the list down to 30) continues until next week; be sure to check out some of the other folks putting passion over profit.

We'll be getting back to business shortly. Our show schedule has been quiet (March, however, is getting more awesome by the day); we're looking forward to a great lineup at Windsor's Phog Lounge on Sat., Feb. 19: Raised by Swans, Pink Moth and Two for the Cascade.  Until then, watch for a review of the Elliott BROOD show at the Capitol Theatre last month.

Photo: Russ Gordon