NXNE 2011: Our Top 10 Performers

Jesuslesfilles @ The Garrison

We have lots to share with you from NXNE 2011; this is just the first salvo. While we work on more detailed reports, reviews and thoughts on everything from the music to the venues to our tips for surviving NXNE, and Russ works on going through 1,500 photos, we thought we'd start by listing our top 10 favourite bands/artists out of the 22 total we saw spread over three days.

Elephant Stone: The sitar. Rishi Dhir. Dreamy psychedelic pop. Amazing.
The Two Koreas: Smart, sharp punk-pop wearing skinny jeans and white loafers.
The Pack a.d.: TO was on fire.
catl: They can give us the blues any time.
Les Jupes: Give this band a place to prosper and we'll eat right from their hand.
Allie Hughes: This fraulein delivers a show like no one else.
The Most Serene Republic: Sign us up as citizens.
One Hundred Dollars: Worth every dollar and more.
Slow down, Molasses: Smiled through their whole set.
Jenn Grant: One of Canada's darlings, and for good reason. Bonus: Buck 65 joined Grant for "Paper Airplanes."
Braids: Fronted by another tour-de-force of a female singer, they delivered a non-stop wave of sound that  swept us up.

Yes, we can count. That was 11.