Nice, nice, very nice!

We have it from a pretty reliable source that Dan Mangan is in fact opening for Wooden Birds at the Crofoot this Thursday:

@danmanganmusic Will Wooden Birds be with you in Detroit next week?

@Go_N2Det_S2Win in Pontiac? I believe so!

Because we are devoted listeners to CBC Radio 3, we already know that Dan Mangan's album Nice, Nice, Very Nice is on the short list for this year's Polaris Prize and he's one of Canadian indie's most popular artists, and deservedly so. For a guy who's "spent half his life in the customer service line," (or maybe because of it?) he sure knows how to write catchy, philosophical and witty lyrics set to catchy, lyrical and pretty melodies. So it boggles our minds that he will be largely unknown to the audience. (Photo credit: Jonathan Taggart)

On the other hand, Wooden Birds will be largely unknown to us. Somehow American Analog Set is off our radar, although we can certainly appreciate Andrew Kenny's association with Broken Social Scene. We like what we hear on their MySpace page and are looking forward to getting to know them better.