The Besnard Lakes are coming to the Great Lakes.

Somehow this one flew under our radar: Montreal's The Besnard Lakes are opening for Band of Horses tonight (Friday, Oct. 22) at the Fillmore Detroit.

To those of us used to budget-friendly Canadian indie shows, tickets are pricey: $35, not including fees. But if your wallet and schedule allows, we highly recommend  The Besnard Lakes. We had the great pleasure of seeing them perform this past June in London, Ont. at Call the Office.

The show remains in our Top Ten for the year (and we've had quite a year of shows), as might be expected for a 2010 Polaris short-listed band (for The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night). If you like atmospheric, 70s-inspired music that just plain rocks, you'll love The Besnard Lakes, and Jace Lasek's amazingly angelic and pure falsetto vocals. Bonus: seeing a show at the legendary and gorgeous Fillmore Detroit is almost worth the ticket price alone.

Here are The Besnard Lakes performing "And This is What They Call Progress" from The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night on Q earlier this year:

Photos: Russ Gordon