Two Hours Traffic in Detroit

Normally, the words "Two Hours Traffic in Detroit" would evoke nightmarish memories of winters past, but this was not the case on a balmy Thursday night in November. 

After a last-minute venue change, Two Hours Traffic, the Charlottetown, PEI foursome comprised of Liam Corcoran, Alec O'Hanley, Andrew MacDonald and Derek Ellis rolled into PJ's Lager House, one of the bright spots located between the hugely popular Slow's BBQ and the hugely illuminated MGM Grand Casino.  

The Lager House is a new venue to us  (more on that in another article) and seemed like your average corner bar.  What we soon discovered was that the other half of the building was a second, secret room where amazing music would have its way with all of those in attendance. 

Opening with "Noisemaker," THT instantly captivated the crowd in the room. The chatter turned into hushed comments: "Who are these guys?" and "Whoooa..."  As the set continued, the majority of the bar side came into the music side to listen.  The expressions on the faces said it all.

By the time "Territory" was played, THT had convinced their new fans that good, honest, rocking Canadian music had come to Corktown and would be loudly welcomed back.  

Our experience has been that Canadian indie bands are some of the nicest people in the world and Two Hours Traffic were no exception. As we chatted with Liam, Alec, Andrew and Derek after the show about their tour and their eventual return to the Motor City, they commented on the surroundings. "There's lots of activity over there, and over this way," Liam observed.  Nothing happens around here?"

Yes, my friends, Two Hours Traffic just played here.

Photos: Russ Gordon