We're in the Searchlight

You may have noticed that we are a nominee for CBC Radio 3's Searchlight for Canada's Best Music Website. In fact, that may be why you're visiting us for the first time. If so, welcome and we hope you'll take a minute to look at what we do, which is:

Set list from one of our
favorite bands, Hey Rosetta!,
who have a new album out Feb. 15.

To promote independent Canadian artists and music in the Detroit/Windsor area and beyond; to serve as a social networking site for CBC Radio 3 bloggers in the Metro Detroit/Windsor area and beyond; and to foster awareness of and goodwill toward independent Canadian artists and musicians between the cities of Detroit and Windsor.

We also happen to have a whole lot of fun doing it.

We are on the Searchlight long list because a few of our Radio 3 friends, some of who have their own great music websites, nominated us. Full disclosure: everyone nominated who met the criteria made the first long list. The next cut will whittle the 104 nominees down to 50. Voting ends today Tue., Feb. 8, then the next round begins.

As we mentioned on Facebook, we are honoured and excited to even be nominated. Sure we'd like to make the next round, but not for the reason you may think (okay, yes, we'd like to win a little bit). If by making the long list more people discover our site, and other nominees' sites, and thereby discover more about Canadian indie music, and end up supporting the bands we love by listening to their music, going to shows and buying their CDs and merch, everyone wins. Passion over profit. It's all about the music. Canadian indie music.