D-Sisive, Muneshine on SOCAN panel at NXNE

SOCAN will once again participate in a handful of events and activities at the 2011 edition of the North by Northeast Music, Interactive and Film Festival and Conference, which takes place June 13-19 in Toronto.

SOCAN will maintain a booth at the host hotel, the Hyatt Regency Toronto on King, as part of the NXPO Music & Lifestyle trade show, June 16-17, from noon to 5:00 p.m.. SOCAN members, conference delegates and wristband holders will be able to drop by at their convenience and speak to a SOCAN representative.

SOCAN will also present a panel, “Digital Beats & Tweets: How Technology is Changing the Face of Hip-Hop." Hosted by SOCAN Education and Outreach Manager Rodney Murphy, the session will feature panelists D-Sisive (artist), Muneshine (artist/producer), Saukrates (artist), and T-Minus (producer). Come and hear how emerging technologies within the music business are leveling the playing field. It doesn’t matter what genre or niche you’re working, those on top of technology are on top of the game. Learn how the hottest beat-makers in the world are mastering their craft and co-writing songs for the world’s hottest rappers. Learn how to clear samples, create your own samples, get your beats placed, network with social media, and use the latest software and equipment to become one of Canada’s next hot producers. The event will take place Thurs., June 16, from 2:15 - 3:15 p.m., at Regency Room B in the host hotel.