A Pack A Day: Smokin'!

Did the Sirens of sensibility go off? We in the Windsor/Detroit area are lucky to have the opportunity to experience TWO (2) (DEUX) shows in our cities. Vancouver BC's The Pack A.D. play garage rock/pop/punk/blues that is fierce, unapologetic, and loud as hell on both sides of the Detroit River this week.

The Pack's Unpersons Tour comes barreling off the 401 beginning at the CBC Radio 3 Searchlight Best Live Venue Phog Lounge on Wed. Oct. 19 and rolls into Corktown's classic PJ's Lager House on Thurs. Oct. 20. Bring your earplugs and your dancing shoes.

Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images

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jimdetroit said...

hey, guys,
how did those pictures come out you were taking out front of the lager house, i may need to use one! fully credited of course!
wrtite me back please, jmosrite@hotmail.com.
Jim Diamond