Show Alert: Fridays at the Library

Library Voices
Fri., Jul. 13
Phog Lounge, Windsor ~ $15 at the door
w/ Frontiers (Windsor)

Fri., Jul. 20
Call the Office, London

Regina's Library Voices was the very first show review we ever wrote, and everything we observed then holds true now: in our humble opinion, they deliver one of the best live shows of any Canadian indie band. We love them so much, our Traveller's Digest includes spending our next two Fridays with them. We'll be tunneling over to Windsor tomorrow (as long as there isn't another bomb threat), and next Friday in London when we're in town for the Home County Folk Festival. The Summer of Lust lives on.

We need more drummer photos.  Here's a drummer photo.

Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images