N2DS2W does NXNE: The 2015 Edition

What? NXNE is less than a month away? How did that happen?

Five years of covering NXNE? How'd that happen? Want a look back at all the music and shenanigans? We've collected links to all our NXNE posts here (or just click the NXNE link below our banner).

2015 has a lot to live up to; we saw a third of our top shows for 2014 at NXNE. Although the festival dates and schedule have been trimmed down, we predict no shortage of scheduling angst. Here are some of the artists and bands on our radar.

Aidan Knight: One of our top shows of 2013.
Babe Rainbow: We've always been intrigued by his music.
David Vertesi: We love his solo work as much as Hey Ocean!.
Etiquette: Graham Walsh + Julie Fader = worth seeing.
Frog Eyes: Original and charismatic.
Louise Burns: Glad we'll have the chance to hear Louise again (since they took away hosts at CBC Radio 3)
Mardeen: Fun and witty pop from Canada's East Coast. We're in.
Moon King: S2W's over the moon about this Toronto band.
Nancy Pants: Off the cuff garage rock with our friend Jeremy from Parlovr on the drums.
Odonis Odonis: Will this be the year we FINALLY see Odonisx2 at NXNE?
Pick a Piper: We only caught part of their NXNE set in 2013; can't wait to hear more.
Saukrates: Our NXNE hip hop fix.
Slim Twig: We love how NXNE always gives us a chance to see longtime CBC R3 favourites.
Tasseomancy: Mesmerizing, mystical and magical.
USA Out of Vietnam: Our secret patio friends from Montreal.