Today, we did something we never dreamed: We removed the CBC Radio 3 logo from N2DS2W.

If you haven't been following along, CBC Music recently launched a new site. It doesn't include the Radio 3 blog. All our playlists and profiles are gone. It doesn't include an Internet stream for Radio 3 outside of Canada. The CBC Music app also doesn't work outside of Canada.

Although we don't post as often as we used to, we are still actively attending shows and doing what we've always done: Support Canadian indie music and musicians in Windsor and Detroit. Which is now more than we can say about Radio 3.

You can still listen to Radio 3 Classic on Sirius XM channel 162. You can also read the many eloquent, and not so eloquent comments from the so callously dismissed Radio 3 blog community on the CBC Radio 3 Facebook page.


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