Go North Music Festival Band Spotlight: Elliott BROOD

Last, but certainly not least: your Juno-winning Go North festival headliners Elliott BROOD.

For us in 2009, Elliott BROOD is where it all began. We first met in person at an Elliott BROOD show at the Majestic Cafe in Detroit, two Radio 3 bloggers doing what the community still does: meet up to share our love of the music and support the artists who make it. In those days, the band was still handing out wooden spoons and garage sale pots and pans for a raucous "Write It All Down For You." We still think their second full-length album, Mountain Meadows, is one of the most perfect Canadian indie albums ever made.

Their latest album, Ghost Gardens, is as nostalgic and poignant as those cherished memories, with of course some signature dark and cavalier foot stompers. In between, there was Days Into Years and a Juno for Roots & Traditional Album in 2015 for Work and Love. In between, we've been to The Ark in Ann Arbor to Bell's in Kalamazoo to Lee's Palace in Toronto to Windsor and Detroit again to see them. And this weekend, on Sat. Jul. 14, we'll be seeing them on St. Joseph Island.We hope to see you there.