Nickelback? Really? While this Canadian living here in Metro Detroit appreciates a Canadian rock band playing at halftime, we truly believe that the NFL and the United Way could do much better.

Our intent here is not to bash nor jump on the hate wagon for Nickelback. There are plenty of folks out there willing to do that and signing the petition to find a new halftime performer.

Our message is very simple.

If you are going to bring a band from our closest and most friendly neighbouring country into Ford Field to perform at halftime, perhaps do a more thorough job of selecting the right band. There are plenty of talented Canadian bands (find many more here) that would benefit from the exposure of a nationally televised halftime show.

We have a couple of suggestions.

There's a band from Hamilton, ON (close to DET) called Arkells that are promoting their new album called Michigan Left. The title track is about Detroit. While Arkells have not sold 45 million records since their inception, I bet that the halftime crowd would appreciate the music.

If it's a "proven record seller" that the halftime
Sam Roberts Band  ~  Russ Gordon/N2D Images
producers want, why not consider the Sam Roberts Band? Here's a band that love Detroit and have played Detroit and wrote the song "Detroit '67."
From a 2009 Detroit Free Press article, Sam explains his fascination with Detroit.  "When I was a child we'd take trips in the family station wagon and pass through Detroit on the way to visit an aunt in Indiana. I was always wide-eyed whenever we came across the Ambassador Bridge. It was almost a moment of mythical transformation. One moment you're in Canada and then you see the Motor City skyline and you're in The United States of America. Your world changes completely, and Detroit was like the gateway to that for me."