Show Alert: Memoryhouse and 1/3 of a Mouse

Monday, Nov. 14

Mister Heavenly @ The Crofoot's Pike Room
w/ Mr. Dreams and Burning Ponies

Memoryhouse @ Magic Stick Lounge
w/ Indian Guides

Maybe you'd like to keep the weekend going. Maybe your weekend never got going, and you want to make up for it. For either case, we prescribe one of the two great-- and very different-- Canadian indie shows in Metro Detroit tonight, Nov. 14. You know you want to go.

Put together one member of Islands and the fabled Unicorns (Nick Thorburn), one member of Man Man (Honus Honus/Ryan Kattner) and one member of Modest Mouse and The Shins (Joe Plummer) and you get a supergroup: Mister Heavenly. You also get some super heavenly music as a result. They only had three ground rules: a) Keep it short; b) Keep it simple; and c) Keep it rooted in some semblance—harmonic, lyrical—of classic doo-wop. (from the Mister Heavenly website).

Put together a musician inspired by the neo-classical and modernist modes of the past century (Evan Abeele) and a photographer-videographer who focuses on the blurred boundaries of the moment, of memory, and of what will manifest (Denise Nouvion) and you get Memoryhouse (Guelph). "Their music seeks"-- and indeed finds-- "this blending of the contemporary with the forgotten, the traditional and the technological, the visual and the aural, within the sonographic landscapes of pop music. Listen.