Show Review: Detroit-- Fucked Up again

Stay clear of the mosh pit at a Fucked Up show and you can avoid blood or broken eyeglasses. But there's no escaping Canadian indie's version of "Reach Out and Touch Someone." No matter where you stand, lead singer Damian Abraham will bring his microphone and sweaty charisma to you. The rest of the band-- Jonah Falco, Mike Haliechuk, Sandy Miranda, Josh Zucker and Ben Cook-- hold down the fort and turn up the volume on poetry and philosophy, opera and opining, set to a score of some of the best punk rock around.

Fucked Up (Toronto)
Fri., Sep. 30 at the Magic Stick in Detroit. 
Wavves (San Diego) and Mexican Knives (Detroit) opened.

Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images