Show Review: We Are The City w/ Aidan Knight @ Phog Lounge

March 4. Friday night.  Windsor's Phog Lounge.  He walked up behind us and began setting up his merch table.  "Wow," I said, "I had no idea you were so tall."  A big smile and a handshake later, we were off to a great start to a great evening with Victoria, B.C. native Aidan Knight and Kelowna, B.C.'s We Are The City

Besides being a multi-instrumentalist and having numerous credits on albums for many things, Aidan shared his thoughts on everything from B.C. arts cuts, touring, CBC Radio 3, Versicolour pre-orders to the incorrect label debacle for the translucent yellow vinyl.

While he has performed and recorded  with such notables as Hannah Georgas, David Vertesi and the Zolas, Aidan Knight's vocal maturity belies his age (mid-20s) and is stunning to hear in person.

If you believe that the first time is the charm, not the third, then you may have experienced We Are The City live. Cayne McKenzie (keys and vox), Andy Huculiak (drums, knobs and vox) and sort of new guy Blake Enemark (guitar maniac) left many jaws on the floor as they played a superbly energetic set, mixing songs from 2010's In A Quiet World and the forthcoming High School, available Mar. 22.

Stage banter is an art, and those who can pull it off get an extra gold star from us.  Cayne, the obvious raconteur of the group, described a recent stay-over at a house while on tour.  The hairy details he shared made us see, feel and squirm at the events as they happened.  Cats, allergies and squirrels do make an interesting topic.

Solid albums, solid performance, super guys.  If you have not seen them, you should.

That's It, That's All.

Photos: Russ Gordon