Show Alert: GOBBLE GOBBLE w/ Rich Aucoin @ Phog Lounge

Tues., Apr. 19: Phog Lounge

Opening band: (wh)y.m.e.(??) (Windsor)

RICH AUCOIN: Radio 3 bloggers who attended the CBC Radio 3 Showcase last year at SXSW's sister festival, NXNE, raved about Halifax-based Rich Aucoin. This could be why (courtesy of Aucoin's publicist, Killbeat Music): "On a mission to create a euphoric communal experience, Rich Aucoin writes music that transcends. With his first commercial release, Public Publication, Aucoin has created anthemic pop, breaking the barriers between audience and performers, inviting everyone to create this lush-yet simplistic, electro-pop music together." Listen.

We kept mistyping "Goggle Goggle" when working on this post. From what we hear, that's what we will be doing at the show tomorrow. When GOBBLE GOBBLE (Cecil Frena) played the Phog last September, Tom Lucier posted: "I have been stopped at least a dozen times by hardcore music fans in Windsor asking me if this is actually true or not, GOBBLE GOBBLE playing Phog... they go on to explain that this band is simply unlike anything else they’ve ever seen." Listen.

GOBBLE GOBBLE at this year's SXSW, courtesy of CBC Radio 3