Show Alert: the Paint Movement w/ Alex Carruthers & the Rhythm Brothers

Fri., Apr. 22 ~ Windsor's Phog Lounge

We last saw the Paint Movement and Alex Carruthers & the Rhythm Brothers when they opened for Yukon Blonde last month. Now they own the evening tonight, Fri., Apr. 22. Like our friend Jon Janes from the Mountains & The Trees, Carruthers recently came out from behind the drum kit to take the lead mic, backed by musicians from Windsor's indie scene, and the result is bluesy, energetic indie rock.

The Paint Movement
Toronto's six-piece the Paint Movement approaches alternative rock a bit more leisurely and with experimental, jazzy inflections. The Paint Movement shares a label (Nevado) with tour mates Yukon Blonde, plus Library Voices, the Meligrove Band and Bahamas; if the company they keep is any indication, the Paint Movement is just beginning to show their true colors. Watch for their full-length album this fall.