catl: Looking for a London herd

catl     [kat-l] 

noun (used with a plural verb)

1. Three-piece band from Toronto described as "dirt blues", "swamp boogie" and "scuzz blues."
2. Pure floor-stomping juke-joint blues.
3. Ass-shaking, punk-influenced rock ‘n’ roll.

Photo/Alyssa Faoro

We caught part of their set opening for Elliott BROOD on New Year's Eve in Toronto. We cleared our early schedule on Day 3 of NXNE 2011 so we did not miss a note. Now London gets to experience what we have been telling people all year. Can't. Miss. catl.

catl are attempting to establish a residency at one of London's best known clubs for flat out kicking it up, Call the Office. It would behoove you to get out there this Sat., Nov. 12 and see what we and others are talking about.

 "These Torontonians’ rough-hewn scuzz-blues joints and pained acoustic laments make you wanna gulp down a 26er of Wild Turkey, sweat buckets and put your fist through something. Unhinged fun."  – Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

"...these songs sound like they were custom-built to melt your face, slap your soul, and rock your socks off." -- Vish Khanna, CBC Radio3 "Track of the Day" 1/11/11

catl ~ Russ Gordon/N2d Images
catl ~ Russ Gordon/N2D Images