Show Alert: The Mark Inside, Explode When They Bloom and a prodigy

Thurs., Nov. 3 @ Phog Lounge

Don't let this show be a blip on your radar. Just because you don't see any "big" names doesn't mean this lineup isn't stacked with big talent. For $7 (that's only $1.75 per band) you'll get:

The Mark Inside (Toronto): riding on only one full-length album (Static/Crash), a couple of EPs (including their latest, False Flag) and a couple of hits ("Carousel," "Sweet Little Sister"), this bluesy alt-rock band has been leaving their mark for more than a decade on the strength of their live shows.

Explode When They Bloom: according to their Facebook page, this will be the last show for the year from this staple of the Windsor indie music scene. Get your fix of "wailing guitars, thunderous vocals, and a groovy rhythm section that won't quit" now.

Learning: the latest project from Murad Erzinclioglu ((wh)y.m.e.)            

Kess Carpenter: Stevie Ray Vaughan reincarnated as a 15-year-old girl. We heard a recording of her playing when she opened for The Pack a.d. and The Locusts Have No King a couple of weeks ago. Amazing.