Show Alert: Wax and Spookey Ruben are DoneFor

Sat., Jun. 9
Phog Lounge, Windsor
Wax Mannequin, Spookey Ruben and the DoneFors

Shopping the other day, we perked up when we heard Cowboy Junkies over the store radio. Not that unusual, as they get commercial air play. Then Kathleen Edwards came on, and we had to ask the clerk: what are you listening to? "Oh, something on Sirius, I think."

We knew it wasn't CBC Radio 3, but that didn't stop us from launching into our spiel. "If you like Canadian indie..." Oh yeah, she said, and ticked off the usual suspects. "I like Tegan & Sara, Arcade Fire, Sam Roberts..."

Before we'd spent a cent, we closed the deal with an N2DS2W card and the following advice: check out our show calendar to discover other great Canadian indie acts playing Windsor/Detroit that you'll likely never hear on 89X or 93.9 The River, like this great line-up at Windsor's Phog Lounge tonight: the always entertaining and original Wax Mannequin, the equally unique and eccentric pop-rock of Toronto's Spookey Ruben and the DoneFors' "Canadiana Vanguard," also via Toronto.