Show Review: Zeus bring thunder to Pontiac

News: They have a new album "in the can," as Neil Quin put it, to go with Say Us and Busting Visions.

2 things that surprised us: (1) How outstanding the band's vocals were. Beautiful, pitch-perfect harmonies. "We do rehearse," Quin confided. (2) There were several obvious fans in the audience at the Pike Room, belting out lyrics and even wearing jackets with the band's name hand-stenciled on them. 

Details: In Greek mythology one of Zeus' symbol is the thunderbolt. Zeus the band from Toronto came with the first thunderstorm of the year.

Songs we loved: (1) The really promising new material we got to hear FIRST because Pontiac was the first stop on this tour. (2) "Are You Gonna Waste My Time?" and "Love/Pain."

2 things we liked: (1) How easily and democratically Carlin Nicholson, Mike O'Brien and Quin shared vocal and instrument duties while Rob Drake anchored it all on the drums. (2) Once Zeus realized the audience really knew their music, they added extra favourites to the set list.

What we didn't like: Nothing. This will be one of our top shows of the year for sure.

Photos: Russ Gordon/N2D Images