N2DS2W going to NXNE: Band Lineup Preview

For the uninformed/uninitiated, NXNE is North by North East, the music/film/interactive festival and conference, Jun. 13-19 in Toronto. And yours truly will be there covering the music side of things, with a special focus on Windsor bands, bands with Windsor ties, bands that have played the Windsor/Detroit area and bands we either just plain love or just plain want to see.

The biggest band reveal yet was released this week. Here are some of our early picks; keep in mind they're only a fraction of the 650-band total.

Stars  One of the few Canadian indie bands who get airplay on U.S. commercial radio ("Take Me To The Riot"). They deserve to be appreciated as much as Arcade Fire and the New Pornographers.

Shad  The "Old Prince" of Canadian hip hop; 2010 Polaris short list (for TSOL) and 2008 (The Old Prince).

Land of Talk  We saw Land of Talk at LOLA last fall. Liz Powell is one talented and nice lady who also happens to rock.

Chad VanGaalen  Another two-time Polaris short list nominee; truly one of Canadian indie's most unique and talented artists. Need proof? Listen to this. We can already guarantee you'll need to get there early for this show.

Braids  Can you say buzz band? Get there early.

Suuns  We couldn't make their show last weekend at the Magic Stick; hope to have the chance to hear their "warm yet dark, propulsive collusion of pop, post-punk and experimental rock" at NXNE.

PS I Love You  Meet Me At The Muster Station made a lot of top 10 lists last year.

The Pack A.D.  No words are necessary.

Dirty Beaches  This song intrigues us.

Forest City Lovers  Another treat.

The Luyas  The band includes current/former members of Torngat, Miracle Fortress, Bell Orchestre, Arcade Fire, and SS Cardiacs. Nuff said.

Parlovr  Love this band and can't wait to see them.

We Are Wolves  We are excited.