Yukon Blonde w/ The Paint Movement @Phog Lounge

Yukon Blonde sell out Phog Lounge again.  Not a huge surprise.

It's always a great show with this VAN via Kelowna, BC band whose dedication to rocking hard while delivering their trademark harmonies is becoming known across Canada and throughout the world.  The core threesome, Jeff Innes, Graham Jones and Brandon Scott have toured, toured, toured, taken time off to write new songs and are back on tour to warm up for the tour to promote the forthcoming album.  They never stop.

Yes, there's another new bass player.  Longtime bassist Andy Bishop is working on his band Red Cedar.  The most recent bass player, Jason Haberman, was a welcome tour partner and great addition and has his own band (see below).  Now we welcome John Jefferey, another stellar addition to the band, whose swaggering hair-in-the-face playing and outright talent make him a good fit.

Toronto's The Paint Movement opened the show and opened some eyes with a super-tight set and a lineup of musicians that will soon move from the Who's That? list to the Who's Who list.  Touring with friends Yukon Blonde for just over a month, The Paint Movement joined Yukon Blonde for a few songs and a rousing jam session.

A year in the making, The Paint Movement's upcoming full length album was finished in early 2011. Throughout this entire time the band decided not to play any shows and just focus entirely on writing the music.  The band returned to live music in January 2011; the first two songs were released on March 1st as a digital 45 and a tour-only white vinyl 7" which were available at the shows.  The full length album will be released in the fall of 2011.

The Paint Movement are:

Jason Haberman - Guitar, vocals
Kevin Kralik - Guitar, vocals
Diana Planche - Keys, vocals
Wes McClintock - Bass
Jason Loftman - Sax
Glenn Candy - Drums

Photos:  Russ Gordon