Show Review: That's Fucked Up

Post rating: NSFW
Warning: contains repeated instances of profanity

Deciding at the last minute to drive five hours round-trip to Call the Office in London, Ont.? That's Fucked Up.

Meeting up with fellow R3 bloggers ryanmaksymic and StephRamsahai for the show? That's awesome, not fucked up.

Seeing lead singer Damian Abraham's alter ego as doting dad? That's awesome, too. (Like we were going to say that's Fucked Up.)

Listening to Damian belt out "The Other Shoe" into a dead microphone? That's Fucked Up.

Receiving a sweat-drenched hug from a half-naked Damian? That's Fucked Up.

Getting your glasses destroyed in a mosh pit? That's Fucked Up.

Getting a negligible set of photos because you had to leave the good camera at home so it didn't get destroyed in a mosh pit? That's Fucked Up.

Marveling at the stoicism of a band that plays on while audience members crash the stage? That's Fucked Up.

Watching Damian give communion to the crowd during "Son, the Father"? That's Fucked Up.

Getting a parking ticket because you were so eager to get into the venue you forgot to pay? That's Fucked Up.